SAKURA FLOWER Cristina Gayarre 16.04 - 19.05.24

Redhead XII
47 x 49 cm., linocut

Cherry blossoms
Why the rush
to leave so soon?

Haiku by Matsuo Bashō

Sakura flower is the first individual exhibition of Cristina Gayarre (Madrid, 1975) at the Lucía Dueñas Gallery.

Cristina Gayarre specializes in the female figure and natural motifs , with a simple and personal style.

Contrasts and duality of colors are always present in his works, trying to seek the exaltation of women through their form and silhouette. Her work is clean, direct, reflecting different states of women, always from a serene and calm point of view.

Eastern garden (01)
60 x 49 cm., linocut

Eastern garden (02)
60 x 49 cm., linocut

I have chosen the title of the exhibition Sakura Flower because of the depth of its symbology and because of how close I feel to Japanese culture despite being from Madrid.

The Sakura Flower or cherry blossom blooms in spring and represents the beauty of nature and its eternal rhythm, always changing and ephemeral. Time and again beauty is reborn to remind us of the value of the present moment, which does not return.

I like to represent spring through flowers and the female figure, with simple and clean language.

The works chosen are from different moments in my artistic career, and all of them seek to convey introspection: looking inside to understand what is outside.

Cristina Gayarre
April, 2024


I flourish
33 x 32 cm., acrylic and collage on paper

20 x 20 cm., acrylic and collage on paper

Sumi-E Flowers
29.5 x 21 cm., watercolor on rice paper

35 x 32 cm., woodcut

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