María Ortega Estepa - Creación MURAL

María Ortega Estepa - MURAL Creation

María Ortega Estepa (Córdoba, 1983) has been working in social contexts through art since 2006, linking her work more and more closely to her search for herself and her commitment to people.

His activity is not limited to a certain support or place, since he carries out numerous interventions, always interacting with the public and taking Art to the street through murals in various spaces and formats from the poetics of Nature.

IES Song Group. Cordova

Mural intervention workshop on the facade of the IES Grupo Cántico (Córdoba) coordinated by María Ortega Estepa and prepared by the students of the center.

The workshop has as its starting point the taking of images of the plants that inhabit their environment as a resource for the preparation of drawings and templates and their subsequent intervention on the wall.

‹‹Sowing heartbeats›› South Zone Health Center. Merida

Project within Murals with Objectives, organized by AGCEX Extremadura, financed by the Extremeña Cooperation Agency and the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Sports with the support of the Mérida City Council.

‹‹Heartbeat capable›› Children with Love Association. Seville

Community intervention in the new headquarters of the Niños con Amor Association. Association of adults with Intellectual Disabilities. Project sponsored by the Junta de Andalucía.

‹‹The Roots›› Córdoba

Project for the façade of Avda. de Cádiz (Córdoba), with the aim of showing the most intimate aspects of it, posing the tree as an icon that speaks of the neighborhood within the city, in turn, within the province, within of the autonomous community... until reaching the cosmos.

Tree rings, of map heights, of a micro-world full of experiences, of memories of its inhabitants. Through plant elements, umbilically rooted in the earth, Ortega does nothing but relive her life, strengthen ties with her loved ones, with the family environment that shelters her since her family was born and grew up in the South Sector.

The memory of childhood, the leitmotiv that drives all his work, finds its maximum expression in this icon, which he now captures in this piece.

<<The truth>> Cordova

This proposal for the Project ‹‹Made in Barrio›› in C/ Miraflores 20 (Córdoba), uses plant elements surrounding the map of the neighborhood, both make up a single transforming element, which inspires us with beauty, life and growth, as is the neighborhood of the South Sector.


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