Obras de ARTE que definen el AMOR mejor que las palabras ❤️

Works of ART that define LOVE better than words ❤️

Roses for you 70 x 50 cm., silkscreen
by Eva Armisén

Love has inspired great artists such as Gustav Klimt, René Magritte, Pierre-August Renoir, Toulouse-Lautrec and Roy Lichtenstein.

This feeling has been represented through images that have become romantic symbols such as red hearts ❤️ roses 🌹 or Cupid 🏹

However, Artists , using their expressive abilities and perception of love, have created countless works of art that capture and represent the nature, strength, beauty and passion associated with this feeling.

Loving 35 x 27 cm., Giclee print
by Eva Armisén

The Beatles said in their famous song that about All You Need Is Love (all you need is Love). Now, what kind of love?

Romantic love is a feeling that implies a great sentimental and physical attraction towards a person. There are different ways in which it is born or develops:

Cœurs - Priere 13 x 8 x 3 cm., glazed ceramic
by Juli About

Love at first sight or "crush": Have you ever had the feeling that your heart was racing when you saw a person at a train station, for example? It is a magical moment in which we are intoxicated by a sensation that is difficult to describe. There are people who feel like butterflies in their stomach. It is also known as a crush , in reference to Cupid.

Bruissement 30 x 24 x 5 cm., paper on painted wood
by Nolvenn le Goff

Forbidden or clandestine love: These are those relationships that for some reason are prohibited and therefore cannot be public, since if discovered they imply negative consequences. However, they insist on living their relationship in secret.

As an example, Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet . The two fall in love at first sight and are condemned to live a clandestine love due to the enmity between their families.

New York 70 x 70 cm., Hahnemühle paper
by Rafa Fernandez

Long distance love: It is the romantic relationship between people who live in different cities. Love is a free feeling, which does not respect physical barriers. These relationships have always existed, but today they have increased thanks to the internet.

The gift 40 x 40 cm., acrylic on canvas
by Saracho

True love: Defining it is not an easy task, although it can be done as the simple and committed manifestation of the “purest interest that someone is capable of feeling for another person.”

I go inside... In the weeds and in the bad... 50 x 50 cm. each, mixed on canvas
from Begmont

To love without dependence or need, we need to value ourselves first. Therefore, let's not forget the following, to say "I love you" you must first know how to say "I love myself." 

“If love were a tree, the roots would be your self-love. The more you love yourself, the more fruit your love will bear on others and the more sustainable it will be over time.”
Walter Riso

Aim well 35 x 27 cm., Giclée print
by Eva Armisén

Untitled 40.5 x 30 cm., oil on paper
by Benjamin Tous

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