After the presentation in previous years of Inma Fierro and Alba Escayo , Lucía Dueñas, director of the Lucía Dueñas Gallery, returns in this VIII edition of Mujeres Mirando a Mujeres presenting Juli About. 

Stories without words VII, 2020.
Partially glazed porcelain and embroidery thread, real scale.

Juli About's deceptively pure ceramics highlight female suffering.

To talk about Juli About is to talk about ceramics as a loud cry. A cry for attention to women, to childhood, to the earth... To everything that is subject to domination...

Her work speaks of the intimacy of the female body, its vulnerability and pleasure, fears and power, in short, femininity. Their "snow-white" ceramics are anything but innocent. Deceptively pure, they highlight feminine suffering, like a loud cry of rebellion. Without mercy, the artist's fingers knead hearts with veins of roots and thorns, palms from which nipples emerge, feet unhooked like shoes revealing a throbbing brain. Tears of gold dot these votive offerings of frustration.

The series “Stories without words” draws special attention for its evocative power: panties furrowed like leaves or flesh, adorned with a dentate vagina, bordered by a greedy mouth, and from which crimson threads of (menstrual) blood escape.

Inescapably, the violence of the ceramics provoked by the artist is accompanied by a strange poetry, a piercing emotion, an ambivalence between the fragility of the sculptures, the almost destructive force they transmit and the astonishment they arouse.

Feet, 2021.
Partially glazed porcelain and embroidery thread, real scale (number 35).

He or she inspires me, 2021.
Partially glazed porcelain and embroidery thread, real scale.

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