FLEEING María Ortega Estepa 09.06 - 10.28.22

an unexpected glade
100 x 100 cm., mixed on wood


We desire, while we look the other way and with the greatest strength of which we are capable, to Nature. We recognize ourselves in it and often we also long to lose ourselves, lose ourselves and belong to its magnitude, taking part in that throbbing natural dimension that appears so convulsive, almost passionate, in the pieces of María Ortega Estepa.

It is art through the fertile capacity of its images, which provides meeting points for our dilemmas and guides us towards new possibilities of understanding. Understanding nature is getting lost in it, it is that place where we want to escape from everything, that questioning. Whoever set out to face her and interpret her knows well the difficulties that her infinite facets present.

China opened up for us
30 x 40 cm., mixed on wood

María Ortega Estepa builds spaces of confluence between accumulated materials that account for the heterogeneity of the natural world: acrylic mixed with oil, sometimes diluted, other times dense, graphite on paper and tempera share the space loaded with encounters between interior and exterior worlds. The space of his pieces can be traversed, penetrated, it can be moved in multiple rhythms because it is an imprecise space, loaded with potential dialogues with a fantasy environment that, however, seems real, true to us.

Cosmos. harmony II
120 x 120 cm., mixed on paper

From that permanent contact with the vegetal turned into an accomplice, a perennial imprint has remained in his personality, which he seems to want while respecting and admiring the original. These paintings compete with nature, yes, there is no doubt about it. But they also prolong it, widen it, reinterpret it. establish this type of subtle dialogues with nature and to translate for us the impressions of what he received from them, transforming his findings into magic, creating an increasingly mature, increasingly personal poetics.

wounds that touch the heart
55 x 70 cm., mixed on paper

A journey that drives us to penetrate a familiar and unknown space where the density of experiences that accumulate there make us perceive it as a place where stories are sedimented and where the natural, saturated with presences, seems to be inhabited. And everything is summed up in the word FUGAZ .

Maria Ortega Estepa

19 x 19 cm., mixed on wood

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