IMBALANCES Miguel Watio 08.02 - 09.04.24

60 x 60 cm., acrylic on canvas

Desequilibrios is Miguel Watio 's first online exhibition at the Lucía Dueñas Gallery.

Miguel Jiménez Jiménez (Seville, 1966) is a self-taught artist living in Gijón since 2004. From a very young age he showed artistic interests. Although he held several exhibitions in cultural centers in Seville, there he always worked as an electrician (that's where Wattio comes from) and it was not until 2011 when he held his first individual exhibition in an art gallery.

Searching for inspiration
40 x 40 cm., acrylic on canvas

He has an extensive exhibition career in the north of Spain and with a style close to Pop Art he uses irony to give his works a touch of social criticism.

Currently Miguel Watio has begun a new stage where his characters seem to have come back to life with his original pop within his landscapes of geometric abstraction.

40 x 40 cm., acrylic on canvas

Polka dot symphony
60 x 60 cm., acrylic on canvas

In my new exhibition, "Imbalances" , I present a series of paintings that explore the theme of imbalance. The geometric figures that appear in my works are slightly rotated, creating a feeling of instability. The bright and vibrant colors I use intensify this sensation, creating a world of energy and movement.

Imbalance is a topic that has interested me for a long time. I think it is an inevitable part of life, both in the physical world and in the inner world. The physical world is constantly changing, and this can create a feeling of uncertainty and anxiety. The inner world is also constantly changing, and this can lead to feelings of insecurity and fear.


The prying gaze
50 x 50 cm., acrylic on canvas

In my paintings, imbalance represents the uncertainty and change of today's world. It also represents the human condition, which is constantly in a state of evolution. Loneliness, which also appears in my works, is a consequence of imbalance. When we feel lost or disoriented, we can isolate ourselves from others.

Miguel Wattio

A ray of hope
50 x 50 cm., acrylic on canvas

Memories of a strange future
80 x 80 cm., acrylic on canvas

blind admiration
100 x 100 cm., acrylic on canvas

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