In spaces, between things... BEGMONT 06.16 - 07.29.22 the spaces between things
80 x 120 cm., mixed on canvas

In spaces, between things...

I wanted to talk about the routine, about our day to day. Give it a more poetic and aesthetic sense, thus making it something more bearable and bearable. As if the routine does not seem routine. And in that effort, I found things!!! Yes, things, all those objects, clothes, pots, rubbish... that share space and time with us. They are silent witnesses of our days followed by other days, days full of problems, disagreements, hopes, fears, joys... And I also discovered a brief fragment of the book that I was reading at that moment and that without looking for it accompanied me and helped me in the construction of this exhibition. In "Sunset Park" (Paul Auster, 2010) one of the characters in this novel was Ellen Brice, a painter, she is lost in her life, lost in her art and her days and above all and most tragically being a painter, lost "in saying nothing". He then understands that he must start again and says:

“I wanted to paint pictures that evoke the quiet wonder of pure objecthood, the sacred ether that breathes in the spaces between things, to express human existence in a meticulous rendering of everything that is out there, beyond us, around us. ..."

Containers of common life 50 x 50 cm. (c/u), mixed on canvas

I want to say, speak and tell, even if I am surrounded and buried by those objects that flood me in everyday life. I'm still here in my routine, engaged in the fight of not saying anything. Determined not to lose myself...


Brief moments of stacked life 40 x 30 cm.(c/u), mixed on paper

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