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Galería Lucía Dueñas

Woman House

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Woman House - Photography - 90 x 60 cm., inkjet print on cotton paper, edition of 5.

The Woman House installation is made up of a photograph and an object made up of books that simulate a house, where the artist emphasizes the importance of the knowledge acquired throughout our lives, and how words and words are transcendental for women. writing.

Books are transmitters of knowledge, both for training and information, and to have the intellectual and analytical tools, to reflect, to build and reconstruct the knowledge learned and History and its leading subjects.

In the photograph, in a performative way, the artist sits at a table covered with books, very feminist and biographical about women, to, one by one, cover her head with them, wrapping them and holding them with plastic in a roll of transparent fill , forming a kind of habitat or knowledge space. An own space, as a mental "own room" that is also formulated in the form of an object, which can be seen in the installation.