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Galería Lucía Dueñas


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ReVers_B series, 22 x 33 x 4 cm., collage of old photos on the back, liquid photographic emulsion and paint on wood.

"The series "ReVers_B" revolves around the concept of "the other side" of things or people.
"The other faces" of reality or ourselves, recontextualizing and giving new meaning to images and media.
Suggestive backs of old photos with inscriptions, stains, numbers and remains of paper and glue from having been torn from the albums where they have been in the dark for years, serve as a basis for developing in the laboratory an image of people photographed from behind (reverse on reverse), or in a meditative attitude.
With this work I want to reflect on the instability of memories and the difficulty of approaching memory with minimal reliability.”

Lluís Estopiñan