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Galería Lucía Dueñas

Portrait - 2013

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Leaving reality behind series, 80 x 80 cm., Hahnemühle paper, analog shot and digital copy, edition of 5.

Rafa Fernández as a visual chronicler presents us in this series a new notebook of reality. Tokyo is, on this occasion, the setting where unpredictable, almost found images occur.

Intoxicated by the elegance and glamor of American documentary filmmaking in the 1950s, he presents a series of timeless black and white photographs, pursuing that moment found in the center of this protagonist world, Tokyo, its culture and its people.

But it is in this series where Fernández abstracts from the physical and the obvious to search beyond: an aesthetic intention of cleanliness that leads him to purer images. Interested in the traces of the lives that make up this city, his interest is that the viewer find tranquility in an image preconceived as a chaotic city, altered by movement, lights, noise and masses.

Fernández's traveling lens, capable of revealing the ephemeral and spontaneous, crosses borders and allows the viewer to learn a little more about that metropolis so different from our West.

"Leaving reality behind", Angélica Soleiman, 2014