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Galería Lucía Dueñas


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Cyanotype on the back of the disassembled and flattened box mounted on a 30 x 40 cm base. by Lluís Estopiñan

“Disclosed_Memory” is based on the evocative power of photographs from times past, the emotional moments they contain, but also their physical fragility. And it establishes a parallelism with our memory.

Cyanotypes on the back of disassembled and flattened medicine boxes. Products that help maintain life and memory.

The photographic images reproduced by contact have been obtained from old negatives rescued from oblivion and destruction, re-emerging from obscurity with its hidden history and the lived moments behind it.

They have been exposed with the sun from Cadaqués and revealed with a mixture of running water from Cadaqués and the sea from the beach of “Es Colom”.

Disclosed_Memory_33 was selected in – The First Analog Photography Festival of the World – REVELA T in 2016.