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Galería Lucía Dueñas


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SOLEDADES series 65 x 73 x 0.4 cm., linen, methacrylate and wood.
Hand embroidery.


Paisajes inventados is an artistic expression project that through hand embroidery aims to express through natural elements taken out of context. Each of them, leaves, flowers or seeds, have been collected from the ground, they are not perfect, they have the marks of their own history.

I play with the idea that what is small, what makes up a whole, is as important or more important than what it belongs to or is part of. Each of these elements make its existence possible. For me, this idea represents the metaphor with which to talk about life, how society, the world in which we live and the human being are united beyond mere coexistence. Each being is a small detail of global life, and each detail, whether beautiful or not, seems to go unnoticed far from the whole to which it belongs and of which it is an essential part. I want to focus on the details, on the nuances that make the space that surrounds us more real, that fill an action with value, that define a person.

Invented Landscapes collects small natural elements and gives them the relevance of the whole to build trees, horizons, terrain, rain, stars or entire worlds, to express that we are all part of that whole called the universe and that it would not be such without each element that supports it. conforms.

Maria Sanchez