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Galería Lucía Dueñas


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43 x 30 x 15 cm., wood and steel.
unique work.


If I have to talk about our life in these times, perhaps I would stay with two concepts: socialization and communication. These constitute a basic need of the human being and have become palpably evident over the years, since in times of pressure the power of adaptation, ingenuity and creativity emerge stronger.

We have felt connected or disconnected in a paralyzed global world, where the possibilities of communication and socialization have been subject not only to technical or economic means, but also to family, residential, mental or sentimental ones. In short, we reinvented the world circumscribed in our home, made new connections and strengthened or lost the usual ones.

And throughout this process, if there has been a new element of communication in the world, that has undoubtedly been the balcony, understood as a window, balcony or roof terrace. Music, applause, posters, flowers or dances, alone or in a group, studied or improvised, have been a new platform for expression and communication. This is my tribute to all those balconies that opened to a congested world to be a way of light and expression in the universal language of life.

This series of sculptures reflect worlds connected through the balconies by small wooden houses and steel wires. With these elements as a base, I try to express the sensations or moods that I have received through messages since the first days of confinement. On the other hand, the chosen materials go further, being the remains of wood and steel from the carvings and bronze sculptures that I have made in my years of profession. It is also worth paying homage to the capacity for reinvention that, like many professionals, some artists have needed when they could not access our workshops or the materials and work tools.

Maria Sanchez