Lucía Dueñas, director of the Lucía Dueñas Gallery, joined Mujeres Mirando Mujeres in the V edition and since then has presented Inma Fierro, Alba Escayo and Juli About. It returns in this IX edition presenting Rosita D'Agrosa.

Colazioni sull'erba

Rosita D'Agrosa. An intimate investigation into the female body.

Her works are an investigation - analysis of the female body through the rediscovery of everyday objects. They are objects full of meaning and with their own history. Some are from her family's wedding trousseau from the 1950s.

From these objects, extrapolated from the everyday context, her intention is to personify the intimate and personal dimension of femininity: the fil rouge that accompanies all her research.

At the center of her work we find the female body and the changes it undergoes. Reproductions of sanitary napkins, underwear and reproductive organs are part of his works.

Textile sculptures, site-specific installations and pictorial works follow one another in the artist's production, which mixes different materials and techniques, maintaining visual and conceptual coherence without ever repeating itself. The presence of the object and its ability to transmit meaning are fundamental aspects of his artistic research. Trained at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, the city where she lives and works, D'Agrosa has participated in numerous individual and group exhibitions.

Mutatis Mutanda – Cloves 180 g., 2019
Mixed support. 46 x 41 cm.

“Surely, for an artist, art can be a tool of communication and language through which to break taboos, preconceptions and stereotypes, especially those that unfortunately still survive in the female universe.”

Rosita D'Agrosa

Contain the spread, 2020.
Metal mesh and cotton thread. 22 x 22.5 x 6.5cm.

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