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Galería Lucía Dueñas

Life in Pink

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Diptych made up of two 88 x 60 cm photographic images. each, inkjet print on cotton paper, edition of 5.

La vie en rose is a photographic project that starts from the use of family portraits to document a specific moment in history. As artists, women and mothers, I have the need to be optimistic, to see life in a rosy light, and even more so in these moments when everything becomes uncertain.

This project was born with the aim of achieving a change of color and social paradigm in these times of confusion and uncertainty because a better future is possible. Now, the new normality destroys the everyday, with the known and we are immersed in a negative current, but this project intends to look at that future from a certain positivist perspective.

To do this, Verónica will take a series of portrait photographs of her family in which they will all be dressed and painted in pink, creating a portrait for this new normality under her personal gaze.