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Galería Lucía Dueñas

wounds that touch the heart

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Mapping- me series, 55 x 70 cm., mixed (inks, pencil and Decadry) on paper.

The work of María Ortega Estepa questions the idea of ​​nature as something timeless, dominated by a personal meaning and a work based on the stories of older people who speak to them about life. Through various series that the author has carried out over the last six years and closely linked to each other, she now proposes a new cartography where the look at the natural landscape is multiplied through various routes.

The tree continues to be an icon present in his work: from the panoramic views of thick forests, to the micro-landscape with an introspection work that today dominates his proposal or his micro-world full of experiences, he has been transforming his way of understanding art responding to the new way how it relates to nature.

Through plant elements, umbilically rooted in the earth, Ortega does nothing but relive her life, strengthen ties with her loved ones, with the family environment that shelters her. The memory of childhood, surely the leitmotiv that drives all his work, finds its maximum expression in this icon because of what is in it as a silent witness of innumerable things.