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Galería Lucía Dueñas

there is a way out

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60 x 35 x 10 cm., bronze and wood, edition of 7.

What surrounds you can be a frame of reference in which to lean and at the same time something that limits you and does not let you move forward. How to face events, get to where you want, the fight to achieve it is only yours. As much as everything around you influences you and even if you may feel out of place, you must find your own way, as well as the way to face everything that is thrown at you every day and move on. Do not justify yourself in what surrounds you, be yourself and move forward.

I represent this idea as a free-standing set made up of a wooden frame that constitutes the support of the figure and that, at the same time, is open at the top. It symbolizes that what surrounds you, although it may limit you, is open in any way for you to decide where to go.

Maria Sanchez