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Galería Lucía Dueñas

SILENCE V - The naked fullness of the fruit of nothingness

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80 x 60 x 10 cm., mixed (collage and paperclay) on wood.

The voices of nature in six Silences is a series that was born in response to this situation*, like a capital ENOUGH that implodes without making a noise in a white on white human that gives space and prominence to the colorful voices of nature. Six works, six space-time silences that give us another type of rhythm, less hurried, to go to the horizontal re-encounter with nature; to the embrace of true freedom, that which we reach by listening, silencing the noisy monologues of our Self, without imposing our own identity on the world and with a lot of dialogue and respect for what is different; to the shedding of the dominant instrumental attitude in favor of a more disinterested one, which gives us the opportunity to see beyond ourselves and understand that we are simply one among many other species that co-inhabit this planet.

Six collages that are formally resolved as mathematical fractions whose common denominator is always the same: human silence. Some compositions whose visual weight resides in a nature that is seen and heard; that vindicates the importance of understanding animals, including us, as inhabitants of their ecosystems.

Martha of the Birds

* We talk about the Sixth Extinction as if the cause were not linked to our actions and despite moving towards a precipice of no return, it seems that we even have time to coin concepts such as Anthropocene to designate the era in which we live, placing ourselves once again in the center and reaffirming our project of dominance.