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Galería Lucía Dueñas


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THE GARDEN Series 146 x 114 x 2.5 cm., mixed on canvas.

This new series was born like all series: an accumulation of determined circumstances and links of concepts that speak of life experience.

The flower, the fruit, what is born and evolves, symbol of life itself, of energy, what breathes and develops, painting.

It is through concepts associated with the vital and the feminine that “The Garden” proliferates in the figuration of different plants (lilies, chrysanthemums, roses, sunflowers or water lilies) that are combined in expression through a vibrant, colorful palette, almost sonorous.

These plants and these colors at the same time are full of symbolism and even mystery for the artist herself. It is born from a main work called “Magna” where the “seed” is presented that later combines the themes of women in another work like “Lilicam”. These works are results of the search for iconological concepts, starting from the “Dictionary of Symbols” by E. Cirlot, but which later, without premeditation, evolve to combine an existential depth that refers to classic discourses of memento mori and baroque still lifes. (work by Inma Fierro “Still Life”).

The Garden tells us about life, the smile, spring, first love, growth, the sincere, the inevitable, death...; always through the eyes of women, of the female gender, of personal vision and meditated discourse that invites a reflective look, an observation to think.

Inma Fierro