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Galería Lucía Dueñas


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Bruissements series, 32 x 23 x 5 cm., collage, mixed on paper.

My goal as an artist and human is to inspire positive change in the world.
To achieve real change we have to start with ourselves. My works are intended as a reminder that we all have wings, but some decide to amputate them.

These white paper wings are individual. Eventually your partner will materialize in another form, for example as body art. It is my most personal work, it represents my world, my philosophy of life. It's 3 wings in one.

the angel wing

Even more important than an artist's work is his own life. The sensitivity that characterizes me led me to make the decision at the age of 8 to change what I did not like in this world and I soon understood that the only thing we can control is ourselves. I decided to become a citizen of my own utopia, living an exemplary life. Nobility, empathy, solidarity and love are my tools to bring light to the darkest places.

Be the change you want to see in others. Gandhi

The Pegasus Wing

The winged horse unifies earthly stability and higher ideals. This beautiful beast embodies the concept of bringing magic to the material plane. As heir to the mysticism of Mexican and Celtic culture, I find strength here.

The Bird's Wing

The Wings represent freedom, and freedom means responsibility. It is necessary to explore these new places and ideas, take risks, get out of the comfort zone. The unknown can be intimidating but wonderful things can happen when you have an open heart, eyes and mind. They also represent my strong bond with nature.

I'm excited to find out how far my wings can take me.
Nolvenn Le Goff